[ In recent years, I have been examining the effect made on the present of Hungary by the period between the 2nd World War and the change of regime in Hungary in 1989 . I treat this period as the "Unprocessed Past". I make objects and works of arts that I consider as a fictitious reconstruction of the regime critical work of art between 1945 and 1989 that did not happen to come into existence. ]

Kádár a földönkívüli II/II :: 2015 11 14

A Népszabadság című napilapban 1974-ben  megjelent, frissen megválasztott vezetők csoportképe, Kádár szeméből vörös lézersugár tör ki, a többiek szeme koromfekete.
[Kádár Extraterrestrial]
In 1974, a Hungarian daily newspaper titled Népszabadság published a group picture of the newly elected leaders, where a red laser beam is coming out from Kádár's eyes while the others' eyes are soot black.